Custom Night Guards

Nightguard for Teeth Grinding in Kirkland, IL

Custom Dental Nightguards in Kirkland, IL - White Oak DentalMany patients awaken with a sore jaw or aching teeth. These symptoms are not normal and could be from grinding your teeth during the night. Nocturnal teeth gnashing, also called bruxism, is harmful to both your jaw and your teeth. You can even wear down your teeth over time, making them susceptible to decay and loss.

You can unconsciously exert many pounds of pressure on your teeth during sleep. But a night guard from White Oak Dentist in Kirkland can provide protection. A night guard is a removable appliance that resembles a sports mouth guard. You wear it during the night, and it prevents teeth and jaw damage from grinding.

Inferior night guards are available online and at some stores. However, these night guards are not tailored to your unique mouth and may do more harm than good. Our night guards are always custom-made for your individual oral anatomy, so they are comfortable and protective.

If you think you may grind your teeth during sleep, please give us a call now at (815) 522-3541. We can help.