Dental Crowns

Tooth Caps in Kirkland, IL

Dental Crowns in Kirkland, IL - White Oak DentalCrowns, sometimes called caps, are some of the most widespread dental restorations. When a tooth is damaged by trauma or has extensive decay, a crown is often the answer. Since a crown envelops the entire visible portion of your tooth, it protects your tooth from further decay and harm and reinforces a cracked or fractured tooth.

In other words, a crown may prevent the need for more invasive treatment like a root canal or extraction. Today’s crowns also look great and remain inconspicuous, providing a natural appearance.

Crowns from White Oak Dental can last many years with proper care. If you need a new crown or a replacement for an old crown, we’re ready to help. Simply call us at (815) 522-3541 now to set up your appointment.