Dental Bridges

Teeth Replacement Options in Kirkland, IL

Dental Bridges in Kirkland, IL - White Oak DentalA bridge is an excellent solution for missing teeth and can be particularly suitable for those patients missing only a few teeth. A bridge provides artificial teeth that are held securely in position by crowns on your adjacent natural teeth.

When you experience tooth loss, your remaining teeth can shift into the space left by the absent tooth. Additionally, your remaining teeth absorb more pressure, which can lead to painful cracks.

A dental bridge is cemented in your mouth permanently. This dental prosthesis will help prevent your teeth from shifting, restore your ability to chew, and bring back the aesthetics of your smile.

While other tooth replacement possibilities now exist, such as dental implants, patients may prefer bridges for their cost-effectiveness and quicker results. Additionally, bridge placement does not usually require surgery.

We provide high-quality bridges with an excellent appearance at White Oak Dental. To learn more or schedule your visit, please call us at (815) 522-3541.